Delivering Harmony.

We’re on a mission to be your most trusted I.T. advisor. It's our goal to deliver harmony between your I.T. systems and infrastructure and your core business objectives. We take the approach of business strategy first. If we know where your business is going we can align your I.T. infrastructure and people to serve those objectives. We help you optimize your I.T. investment and ensure you’re empowered with the strategy, tools and expertise to grow.

What We Do

ProCure delivers full procurement support and I.T. investment monitoring and reviews. From strategic RFP development, new vendor interviews, contract negotiation and preparing vendor on-boarding and monthly bill analysis, we ensure you have the right partners, the right products and the right price to serve your business growth. Providing procurement support for:

Carrier Services (WAN, internet, voice)
VoIP Solutions
Software & Hardware
Managed Service Providers

Our Insite process is designed to take a 360 degree view of how I.T. is driving your business. From user surveys and peer feedback to network diagrams, vendor reviews, security overviews and systems analysis, we give you the full picture as we review a comprehensive 13 categories within your I.T. infrastructure.

Our Co-Pilot service does exactly what it says on the tin.
We’re there to build confidence and to take the lead when you need us to.
Working with Company and I.T. leadership, we walk alongside you to give you best practice thinking in building and managing your infrastructure and systems while helping you accelerate and streamline your progress.

Who We Are

Our mission is to be your most trusted I.T. advisor.

We Value...


Fun and laughter should be around every corner.


Believe in and empower others to be great.


Turn up, turn on and tune in.


Appreciate that everybody is lovable, valuable and important.


Never be too proud to learn and always strive for better.


Choose openness and honesty now and always.

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We believe in creating harmony through better communication. That begins with involving and understanding all stakeholders and making sure everyone is aligned with the core business objectives.

If you're a leader in your business and believe your I.T. can serve your business goals better than it currently does, we'd love to connect.



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